Massac County Prepares for Another Wave of Winter Weather


By Stephanie Tyrpak
By Randy Livingston

METROPOLIS -- Massac County is bracing for a second round of winter weather. The region was one of the hardest hit by Sunday's storm, receiving about six inches of snow.

The forecast is calling for more ice and snow on Tuesday.
Monday was another snow day for kids in Massac County. It was also another chance for Jane Gentry and her grandkids to spend time sledding.
"It took them a little while to get the knack of running and jumping  the sled," said Gentry. "Now that they've got it down, they're ready."
Gentry loves the cold. However, she's concerned ice could be a big issue in the next storm. 
"My daughter works out of town, and my husband works out of town," said Gentry. "So it's the traveling that worries me."
Icy roads are problem that the Massac County Highway Department is trying to solve.
"We've picked up with plowing and putting down salt and cinders," said County Engineer Joseph Matesevac. 
The department was a little surprised at the amount of snow this weekend, although the sunshine on Monday was helping clear the roads.
"If people just take it slow and take it cautiously, they're pretty passable, said Matesevac. 
Five trucks were out to plow on Monday and put down another layer of brine. The treatment could melt snow or a thin layer of ice.
"They don't really know the freezing line," said Matesevac. "So we don't know whether we're going to get rain, or snow, or ice."
This winter is Matesevic's first leading the Massac County Highway Department. It's been an expensive one. Hours of overtime and supplies are adding up fast. 
"We've spent more than our budget of salt this year, and we're continuing to use more," said Matesevac. 
His crew is now doing its best to prepare for what ever comes this week and the rest of the season.
"Hopefully, it will be over soon," said Matesevac. 
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