Preparations Underway for Cobden Peach Festival


By Evie Allen
By Randy Livingston

COBDEN -- It's all about peaches this weekend in Union County. The village of Cobden will be celebrating the 77th Annual Peach Festival.

"It's just something that you do when you live in Cobden. That's what you do, you come to the peach festival," says resident Sue Brumleve.

For eight decades, the event has been a source of pride for natives like Brumleve. She's been overseeing the popular peaches and cream stand for more than 20 years.

"We pretty well sell out every year. That's all we can hope to do is just sell out and hope that everyone enjoys the cobbler," she says.

The women of the community will be baking nearly 90 cobblers to sell at the stand. But if you want to take home fresh peaches, you'll have to spin for them, all to celebrate the homegrown juicy fruit. 

"People will drive a long way to get peaches from southern Illinois," says Mike Flamm.

The peaches come from Flamm Orchards. Mike is co-owner, and he says this is their busiest time of year. They've already peeled the peaches and prepared pie crust for 300 to 400 pans of cobbler. Fifty will be donated to the Cobden Women's Club to sell at the stand.

"We can bake somewhere around 20 cobblers an hour. So we'll probably be baking most of the day tomorrow and Saturday," explains Flamm.

The orchard will see quite a few people rolling in starting Friday. Both Flamm and Brumleve agree the celebration has always been like a homecoming.

"There's a lot of local people and a lot of people that live out of the area, and they will come back if they're from Cobden," adds Flamm.

The excitement of the Peach Festival begins Friday evening and will end Saturday at the community park in Cobden.

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