Man Suspected of Trying to Hire a Killer


By WSIL Reporter

FRANKLIN COUNTY  -- A man accused of killing his wife is now charged with plotting murders from his jail cell.    

John Adams was arrested this past spring. He's accused of shooting and killing his wife 52-year-old Kendra Turner Adams at their West Frankfort home.

Police Chief Shawn Talluto says they're investigating new allegations he's been trying to coordinate murders for hire.

"The reason why we know it's serious at this point is that this person took the effort to actually take funds and move them over to the individual who is suppose to do it," he says. 

West Frankfort investigators say evidence suggests Adams was trying to hire someone to kill not one, not two, but five people including a public official. 
"They are directed towards unnamed family members right now plus someone on the prosecution level of the case," he explains. 
Police chief Shawn Talluto says this two month investigation required a lot of cooperation.
He says, "Without the sheriff's department we wouldn't have been able to get a lot of the information we were able to get because when someone is placed somewhere I mean there are a limited number of resources that are going to be going out to get something like this put together." 
Police are now working with the Franklin County State's Attorney to file charges, five counts of solicitation of murder for hire. 
Each carries a sentence of 20 to 40 years in prison.
Meanwhile, Adams is being held in isolation at the Franklin County Jail. His phone privileges and visitation have been cut dramatically.
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