Local Fire Departments Train For Road Challenges


By WSIL Reporter

MARION -- The Williamson County and Carterville fire departments took advantage of the day on Saturday to get some training in at the county airport.

No flames were involved, but the firefighters had to maneuver through a road course while driving a fire engine. The obstacles were meant to challenge their skills with lane changes, narrow roadways, backing into alleyways, and turning around in confined spaces.

Williamson County Fire Chief Jeremy Norris says, "Out on the roadways, anything and everything can happen.  So if they can practice their skills in a non-stressful type environment, once they're out on the roadways, they should be able to handle everything that is thrown at them."
Roughly 50 firefighters are participated in Saturday's event, using 14 different kinds of engines. Chief Norris says one of the next things on their agenda is to do the training at night.
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