Local Environmentalists Share Knowledge with Kids


By Loreto Cruz III

CARBONDALE-- The heat wave that came through Saturday didn't stop kids from getting out and finding some fresh air. Green Earth, a local environmental group, hosted its first Community Play Day in Carbondale.

The event involved a hike through Oakland Nature Preserve led by a former SIU Forestry Professor, plus a chance to socialize.
There were also a variety of activities for the kids, such as insect examinations and plant identification. 
Event Organizer Stephanie Eichholz says she believes it's important for kids to connect with nature and make an emotional connection early on, "Otherwise, they may grow up with no sense that they need to protect the environment around us."
Adam Jackson is studying Forestry at SIU. He wants his six kids to learn about nature.
"When I was a kid, my mom used to always take us out to Giant City, or Panther's Den," says Jackson. "There was always something cool that she wanted to show us or some awesome place to go. I want to kind of pass that on to my kids, so they have a chance to see it the same way I did."
Eichholz says that she is impressed at the public's intrest in Green Earth's first event of this kind, and she hopes to bring it back in the years to come.
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