Local Church Helps Benton Family


By Evie Allen
By Jared Roberts

BENTON -- A Benton family is getting a lot of help to keep a roof over their heads.

Problems with two contractors left serious damage to their home, making the bedroom unlivable. That's when a local church stepped in and offered to fix the roof for free.

What started out as an expansion project on the Reed's home, turned into the nightmare that wouldn't end. Until a good samaritan showed up at their door.

For the last six nights Rebecca and Larry Reed have been sleeping in the living room of their Benton home.

It's a story that began six years ago when the Reeds wanted to expand their house.  

"The construction crew came in and said they were going to rip the roof off and put in a new roof," Rebecca Reed said.

Two years ago, they discovered they had two roofs instead of one. Over time the home started to show signs of problems.   

"We started wondering why our ceilings were bowing. Why they were cracking, kind of coming apart at the seams. And we realized that it was just too much weight," Reed said.

Two weeks ago the family hired another contractor to repair and finish the job but had to let them go due to inappropriate behavior. That left the work unfinished.

"When it started raining, it just started coming into the house," Reed said.

Eventually the bedroom was ruined with water damage to the closet, the bathroom, and ceiling. Rebecca wrote a letter to the pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church asking for help.

"My family is in distress right now. I said we need prayer to get us through this," Reed said.

The next day they woke up to crews working on their house. The church hired two of its members, who own construction companies, to finish the job.

"The church is very good about that. They have a live love campaign and this here is part of that," said Curt Erwin of Erwin Construction.

The Reeds say it will be years before the house is completely finished, but they're happy to have a roof over their head.     

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