Late Season for Southern Illinois Strawberries


By Benjy Jeffords

UNION COUNTY --  The harsh winter and cool spring delayed strawberry crops in southern Illinois. The crop is just now ripe for the picking.  

Strawberries need warm weather and lots of sunshine to natually produce the sugar that gives them their sweet taste. The more rain, the less sweet tasting the strawberries.

"All this rain we're having could have an effect on them, but it's a little early to tell yet," says owner Mike Flamm of Flamm Orchards.

A few miles down the road at Bass Farms owner Becky Bass has seen a big development in her crops. "They have come on late, but all of a sudden overnight it's like we're going to have a lot of them."

Both farms say they have received lots of phone calls over the last few weeks from customers waiting for local strawberries. 

In southern Illinois, blueberries usually ripen in June, and peach season starts in July.

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