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By WSIL Reporter

METROPOLIS -- Honeywell Metropolis and its union workers have failed to reach a deal on a new contract, with the clock ticking toward the end of their current agreement.

Union leaders say Honeywell broke off talks Thursday evening after presenting a final offer.  The union has concerns about job security, healthcare and safety.

A Honeywell spokesperson says the company offered a long-term contract with substantial raises and competitive benefits.

The current contract, covering 134 union workers, ends Friday night at 11:59 pm.

In 2010, union workers at Honeywell were locked out of the plant in a contract dispute that lasted more than a year.


---Statement from United Steelworkers Local 7-669---

Honeywell broke off negotiations with the union today with a “Last Best and Final” offer.  The union is disappointed in the company’s position and feels there is plenty of negotiating left to be done.
The company’s proposal doesn’t address the union’s concerns over job security, healthcare, health and safety, and employee fairness, among many other issues.
United Steelworkers Local 7-669 President, Stephen Lech, said, “Our members simply cannot except an agreement that doesn’t secure their jobs and insure acceptable conditions.”
The union remains committed to bargaining for an agreement that is fair to our members and secures our future.
---Statement from Honeywell---

This evening, the company concluded its scheduled negotiations with the union’s bargaining committee by presenting the union with a comprehensive six-year contract offer that is good for employees while continuing to position the facility for long-term sustainability in an increasingly challenging and competitive global marketplace. The company hopes that the union will vote on this competitive offer on Friday.

The company’s offer includes:

Substantial wage increases of 2 percent each year of the contract, which represents a compounded increase of more than 12.6 percent over the life of the contract. This increase is contingent upon union ratification of the offer before expiration of the current contract at 11:59 p.m. on August 1. This wage increase would continue to make the union one of the highest-paid workforces in the region. When overtime and the cost of benefits are factored in, the average total compensation received by bargaining unit workers already exceeds $102,000 a year.

The same competitive health care benefits program geared toward driving consumer choice on medical decisions that the union agreed to accept in the current contract. In addition, there are no changes to pension benefits for current union employees. These benefits match those for 99 percent of Honeywell's salaried and non-union workforces in the U.S. Twenty other Honeywell union workforces have ratified the same healthcare and pension benefits as part of their current collective bargaining agreements.

Reasonable parameters on subcontracting and other areas that preserve union jobs while allowing for continued operational flexibility. These parameters are similar to those in place under the current contract.

Honeywell has demonstrated its commitment to Metropolis by investing $177 million over the past 10 years in capital improvements, including more than $50 million in safety projects. Honeywell's 2012-13 investment of more than $40 million to reinforce the plant against strong earthquakes and tornados and comply with post-Fukushima standards preserved 270 good jobs in Metropolis - including 134 union positions - that would have been lost otherwise.

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