Hiker Rescued in Shawnee Forest


By WSIL Manager

POPE CO. -- Law enforcement agencies in southern Illinois are asking hikers to be more careful after a woman fell from Jackson Falls Park Saturday.

The Pope County Sheriff says the unidentified woman suffered severe injuries after she took a fall form a cliff in the Shawnee Forest.

A helicopter was brought in to take the woman to an area hospital. Sheriff Jerry Suits says the area is very remote and can be hard to reach when falls like these occur.

"It seems like at Jakson Falls, it's always serious.  It's hard to get back there.  You usually have to walk in. We accompany Pope County Rural Fire with 4-wheelers to get back there to where incidents occur, and that exctly what happened yesterday," says Suits.

Suits also said his office has responded to similar accidents overs the past couple months, as well as lost hikers.

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