Herrin Resident Argues With Mayor Over Safety


By WSIL Manager

HERRIN -- Leaders in Herrin are coming under fire from a homeowner.  Linda Hess had her home broken into recently.

It's the second time thieves have targeted the property in the past year.  She filed a police report, but claims the officer told her the department doesn't have enough manpower to keep up with the city's crime rate. Herrin has two detectives right now.
Hess asked the city council to do more to protect the community.  She asked Mayor Vic Ritter if it's safe to live in Herrin.  He told her yes, but she said she wasn't so sure.  That's when things got heated between the two.  Here's the conversation the two had.
Hess:  "I think you don't care about your community, you blow people off."
Ritter:  "I have raised 8 kids."
Hess:  "I can tell you're highly agitated because you don't like being challenged."
Ritter:  "I don't mind being challenged." 
Hess:  "You do not like being challenged."
Ritter:  "Ma'am you please sit down."
After the meeting, Hess and Ritter spoke one-on-one. She reiterated her call for more help at the police department. Herrin city leaders took no action on the issue.
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