Indoor Gun Range Opens In Harrisburg


By Evie Allen
By Jared Roberts

HARRISBURG -- A unique new shooting range is now open in Harrisburg. The Point Blank Range is located inside the old AMC movie theater.

The sound of gun shot can be music to a gun lover's ears. It's a sound that triggers strong emotions for Point Blank Range co-owner Roman Kuppart.

"I got a little teary-eyed, I couldn't hardly see my sites but it's been a long road," says Kuppart.

Kuppart and a partner bought the old AMC movie theater in Harrisburg last May. Turning one of the theaters into an eight lane shooting range.

"It's definitely an adrenaline rush when you pull that trigger and fire a round down the range," he says.

Kuppart calls the place a one stop shop. The business sells a wide range of guns, with new ones arriving daily. The range is also equipped with state of the art equipment like a touch pad for targetry.

"Every day we find something out new that it does. We're very impressed with everything we've had so far."

Kuppart says most importantly, they hold concealed carry classes every two weeks taught by police officers. 

"If we're not preparing our students for what's out on the street, then we're giving them an injustice by signing their certificate and sending them out here to get their concealed carry permit," says range officer Shannon Deuel.

Army veteran Roberta Porch plans to take the class over the weekend.      

"You're not coming here to learn how to shoot somebody or how to kill somebody. You're learning protection. That's it. I hope I never pull my weapon except for when I'm here," says Porch.

Porch has been shooting since she was 12 and had been shooting cans at her home in Golconda.

"I've not ever found an inside range. And this one, wow, this is da bomb," she says.

The range will hold a Ribbon Cutting ceremony Feb. 7 and a Grand Opening Feb. 8.

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