Harrisburg Appoints New Mayor


By Amy Fox
By Andy Shofstall

HARRISBURG -- Dale Fowler is the new mayor of Harrisburg. He was appointed to the job at Thursday's city council meeting. It comes just two weeks after former Mayor Ron Crank died of brain cancer. Commissioner Ron Fearheiley has been serving in the interim.

It was a unanimous decision by the council to appoint commissioner Dale Fowler as the new mayor of Harrisburg Thursday. And Fowler isn't wasting any time getting started.

Harrisburg has seen a lot of challenges in the last few years: a devastating tornado and the loss of two mayors.

But on Thursday night, the city council wanted to move on.

"We have eight months left with this present council. And I think right now, we all have agreed to appoint a new mayor for the next eight months for the city council. And I would like to make a motion to appoint Dale Fowler as the mayor of Harrisburg," said John McPeek, Harrisburg Commissioner.

With support from all of the commissioners, Dale Fowler was voted in as Mayor. But he did so with a heavy heart.
Fowler said, "This is not the way anyone, I believe, would want to become mayor of the city of Harrisburg under these circumstances. I did accept, and in the memory of Ron Crank."

For 13 months, Fowler and Crank worked together on the city council. Fowler said he learned so much from Crank and hopes to keep moving in the right direction.

"I just look forward to the challenge," said Fowler. "I've always thrived on challenges. I work hard. I was raised to work hard. And I'm going to work hard to make this city bigger and better than it already is."

Once again, Fowler will be mayor until the next municipal election, eight months from now. He is considering running to keep the job in April.

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