Hands-On Life Flight Training


By WSIL Reporter

GORHAM -- Some Jackson County firefighters received special, life-saving training on Sunday. The Gorham Fire Department hosted air evacuation landing zone training.

Paramedics flew in from Marion to teach firefighters how to prep landing sites for when local residents need to be airlifted to a hospital. The pilot says this type of hands-on training is extremely helpful for helicopters pilots, so these demonstrations are a big part of their job.
"It builds a report between us and them. They get to know the crews once we make the scene with them, and I feel like the firefighters are more comfortable seeing familiar faces, which means the operations go a lot smoother," explains Flight Paramedic Dan Stowers.
The Evacuation company says of the 117 air evac teams they have around the midwest, the Marion location is the third busiest.
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