Friends Remember Pravin Varughese


By Matthew Searcy
By Jared Roberts

CARBONDALE -- On Tuesday, the discovery of the body of Pravin Varughese came as a shock to many friends and loved ones.   

"I don't know how in the hell he ended up over here," explained Varughese's roommate and best friend, Nathan Haas. 
Haas was at a party with Pravin last Wednesday. "I just remember I went there with him, and it was just any other night."
Tuesday morning, nearly a week after Varughese was last seen, Haas' worst fears were realized. Through the tears, he and others shared their favorite memories of the outgoing 19-year-old.    
"We would always go out and party, and we'd go our separate ways, and he would always come back with the best story I have ever heard," said Haas.  
"We all lived on the same floor together, and we just kind of clicked and have been a family ever since," explained close friend Dakota Reynolds.  
Varughese's disappearance and death came as a shock to the entire SIU community.  
"I feel sorry for his parents and his family," said SIU grad student Lama Beedawi. "God bless his soul."
"It's a really terrible thing to happen when your kid goes missing," said SIU sophomore Julia Gyoeunchoo. "Those days in-between makes it a wreck for everyone who knew him." 
For those closest to the sophomore, the pain is especially intense. Friends say they will remember Pravin as a loving and joyful person.  
"Great guy who was really caring," said Reynolds. "He cared about his friends. I remember specific times when I would cry to him, and he would just be there for me." 
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