Focusing on Downtown Carbondale Transportation


By Amy Fox
By Joe Carr

CARBONDALE--The Downtown Advisory Committee is creating a master plan for Carbondale's downtown and wants to improve the ways people get around. Wednesday, they held a meeting on transportation issues.

From buses and trains to pedestrian traffic, thousands of people travel throughout downtown Carbondale every day. And with that heavy traffic, comes the need to plan for growth in the downtown area.

Everyone has a vision for the future of downtown Carbondale

"Carbondale is a melting pot," said Elaine Ramseyer. "And I'm interested in a grassroots effort that serve people at the very basic level."

"I think by bringing some of the art, more of the arts and culture into the city, as a means of beautification of the city, we can attract people to come to the city of Carbondale," Marie Bukowski.

The Downtown Advisory Committee met Wednesday night to discuss the role traffic and  transportation can play in improvements.

From buses and cars to crosswalks and bike lanes, some feel it could be easier to get around town.

Pedestrian Arthur Scoleri said, "What's awkward is that the buses don't run very late at night, so once you hit about 7 o'clock or so, which is dark for most of the year, you're met with this problem of how do i get home."

"If there was more time for us to cross at these intersections because a lot of times you will be coming up and you can see it, but the seconds aren't long enough for you to make it across the roads, so you're stuck waiting," said Casey Bucher, who travels downtown.

Right now, the city is already working on several projects, including adding more bike paths and developing a bigger Amtrak station that would also serve as a bus depot.

While the committee is just in the initial planning phases, members are taking public suggestions into consideration as the continue to plan for the future of downtown Carbondale.

The next Downtown Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for September 17th. The focus: business development. The public is encouraged to attend.

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