Father Sues Carterville School District


By WSIL Staff

CARTERVILLE -- The father of a teen who committed suicide last October is now suing the Carterville School district and several other defendants.

Jordan Lewis, 15, shot and killed himself October 17, 2013. His father, Bradley Lewis, says bullying was to blame. On Monday, Bradley filed a lawsuit against the district, its superintendent, the high school principal and football coach for negligence and wrongful death.
The suit also includes the Cambria Police Department. Officers did a wellness check on Jordan the day before he killed himself. And additionally, it names the makers of a bullying documentary, shown at the school, that talked about teen suicide.
"It's not looking about closure. It's about pushing things toward getting positive enforcement done," Bradley Lewis told News 3..
Erik Rebstock, who lived with Jordan and his mother at the time, is also listed as a defendant. The lawsuit alleges the gun Jordan used to shoot himself belonged to Rebstock and wasn't properly secured.
Bradley Lewis is seeking damages as well as compensation for pain and suffering.
News 3 learned about the lawsuit late Monday. We were unable to reach any Carterville school leaders for comment.
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