Family of Hit and Run Victim Speaks Out


By Brandon Merano
By Benjy Jeffords

WEST FRANKFORT -- A walk to the gas station along a West Frankfort road took a turn for the worst last week for Barbara Rybicki.

The 69-year-old West Frankfort woman was hit by a car in the 200 block of  North Gardner street. Both of her legs were broken and she suffered a blood clot to the brain.  She remains in a St. Louis hospital in serious condition.

"It tossed her like a rag doll.  She only weighs a hundred pounds so she went pretty far," said Barbara's daughter Rachel Rybicki.
Brittany Taylor was walking with her grandmother, just like any other day.
"When they hit my grandma they kept on driving slow and then they stopped for like a few seconds and then they kept on driving away," commented Brittany.
She says the car was a tan four door.  So far, police have not been able to track down the driver.
"It looked like a guy was driving it and there were other people in the backseat," Brittany said.
Rebecca is now concerned about safety in her neighborhood.
"I just wish that they would put something on this road to show that there are a lot of children on this street and to be cautious," Rebecca told us.
Witnesses say the vehicle fled the scene and headed toward Main Street.  Police are checking surveillance video from local businesses to see what vehicles were in the area at the time of the accident.
"They haven't stopped working on it so I have faith that they will do their job," expressed Rybicki.
Rebecca wants whoever did this to her mother to be caught before they hurt someone else.
"It makes me sick to my stomach because it could've been my kids or anybody else's kids.  Now when i walk out my door i have to keep being remembered of where she got hit.  If they're out there still who knows if they are an alcoholic that's constantly driving when they aren't supposed to," Rybicki said.
The family says they won't give up until the driver is found.
"If you have a heart please just come forward," said Rebecca.
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