Fallen Veterans Forgotten at Local Cemetery


By Matthew Searcy

GOREVILLE -- Memorial Day is a time to honor those who serve our country. It's common for volunteer groups to mark their graves with flags. But one family was disappointed to find that tradition didn't happen this year at a Johnson County cemetery.

"We meet here each year," said Carmine Liscio. 
His son, Navy veteran Joseph Liscio, is buried at Cana cemetery with many other fallen heroes.  
"They died for you and for me and for our country," explained Liscio. "They would have done anything and they should be thanked." 
He says nearly every year the hundreds of veterans graves at the cemetery are marked with flags thanks to local volunteers or boy scouts, but not this year. 
"We are at Canas cemetery over here and all we have is forgotten veterans," explained Liscio. 
"It didn't make me feel too good," said Joe's mother, Dorothy Liscio. "I thought they should be honored with flags." 
The couple brought their own flag and flowers to honor their son, but for those without family the graves remain bare.  
"At least a flag which indicates a thank you from our country," explained Carmine Liscio. "Something should be done because these men gave their all." 
The couple would like to see local veterans service groups oversee the distribution of flags for veterans' graves so next Memorial Day all these heroes receive recognition.
"My son loved this country and the navy and he would have done just about anything for our country," explained Dorothy Liscio.  
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