Eldorado Health Clinic Expansion Almost Complete


By Evie Allen
By Randy Livingston

ELDORADO -- The Eldorado Primary Care Clinic is more than doubling the size of its building. The project has been going on since June. Officials say this $2.5 million expansion will provide a lot more services to a lot more clients.

Every nail brings the Eldorado Primary Care Clinic one step closer to helping more patients. Its addition will include 18 new exam rooms and one more procedure room, expanding the clinic from 7,000 to 16,000 sq ft.

"I really feel like, with all they're offering now, I'm in really good shape, should the need arise," says patient Kappy Scates.

Scates has been going to the clinic since it first opened in 2001. She believes the new space will be a wonderful addition for clients who haven't had good healthcare.

"To be in an under served area, we really have lots of medical care opportunities in the area," says Scates.

The clinic is an extension of Harrisburg Medical Center. Hospital C.E.O. and President Rodney Smith says the expansion comes at the perfect time as the population gets older.

"We try to have clinics that are close to where those people live because if you're sick, even though it might be 10 or 12 miles to the clinic, it's a long way to go, especially for an elderly person."

The clinic serves more than 300 general patients and around 100 mental health patients. Director of Patient Administrators, Cathy Harte says, mental health providers are declining in the area while the need continues to grow.     

"It's helpful for us to be able to help fill that void. For both behavioral and healthcare for adults and children."

The new rooms at the clinic will also provide space to work one on one with families facing behavioral problems.

"It's about helping out our families and helping the patients that we serve but also helping out our colleagues in the industry," says Harte.

Once complete, the clinic will also be able to offer specialty services like podiatry, cardiology and urology. The expansion is set to be finished in April.

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