Dry, Windy Weather Raises Concerns for Field Fires


By Nick Hausen

WILLIAMSON CO. -- Warmer temperatures often lead to more people outside burning leaves and brush, but with low relative humidity, gusty winds, and dry fuel such as leaves or dead trees, it doesn't take long for those fires to quickly get out of control.

Thursday, south winds combined with dry air helped fuel a fire in Blairsville. Fire officials say the fire was set by the property owner and left to burn itself out. The same same factors that led nine field fire call over the weekend for the Williamson County Fire Protection are all going to be in play again Thursday. That's why firefighters are urging people not to burn Thursday afternoon.

"It can happen any time of year," said Shawn Priddy with the  Williamson County Fire Protection District. "Right now, it's kind of the perfect ingredients, even though the ground may be wet, or it may be frozen. There's no moisture in the top fuels in the grass and stuff on top of the ground, and the wind is just blowing it right through."

Burn bans have not been issued to this point. However, that doesn't mean it's safe to burn. Fire Weather Watches are in place for Thursday afternoon and those may be upgraded to Red Flag Warnings meaning it is extremely dangerous to burn.

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