Dozens Gather at Local Brown Vigil


By WSIL Manager

CARBONDALE -- Folks in Carbondale showed their support for Michael Brown at a vigil tonight. 

Dozens lined Route 13 near the town square. Many held signs, and others put their hands in the air, the same way witnesses say Brown did before he was fatally shot by a police officer.
Organizers offered prayers for the Brown family and demanded answers.
"We call for calm," says Carbondale NAACP President Ed Dorsey. "But we want a full and impartial investigation, and we want the facts to be known. And we want to learn from this so that we can stop the violence."
Some at the rally said they'd like to see a closer examination of police tactics, both locally and nationwide. 
This is just one of many vigils that have been held across the country for people who have died at the hands of police in the wake of the Brown incident. 
People in more than 90 cities observed Thursday's National Moment of Silence. In New York, about a thousand people marched peacefully in Manhattan's Union Square. In Nevada, about 40 people gathered outside the federal courthouse in Reno.
Rallies were also scheduled for the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, near where Michael Brown was shot. In Detroit and Los Angeles, people were asked to wear a red ribbon, cloth or bandanna in a show of solidarity.
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