Deadly House Fire Under Investigation


By Matthew Searcy

PITTSBURG -- Williamson County authorities are investigating a deadly fire that took the life of 48-year-old Pittsburg resident Jeffrey Glover.  

"I looked over and I could see fire hoses and firemen going in and out of the building and police officers out on the lawn," said neighbor Lawrence Baker.  
Neighbors along Avery Avenue in Pittsburg say the fire broke out late Wednesday afternoon.  
"We had a gentleman that was confined to a motorized wheelchair in a bedroom that succumbed to the fire," explained arson investigator David Bandera.  
Glover was found in the upstairs bedroom when officials arrived. There were no signs of foul play and early reports suggest the fire was an accident. Investigators believe a burning cigarette, combined with an oxygen tank used by Glover, could have been what ignited the flames.
"When you got more oxygen in there with a lit cigarette or any other source then you can have an enhanced fire," said Glover. 
Cigarette butts were found in the room where the fire started.  Glover was the only one home at the time of the fire. No other injuries were reported.  
"It's still under investigation but it's be determined that it is an accidental fire, nothing suspicious," explained Glover. "Right now we can't rule out the possibility of smoking material." 
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