Database to Help Recover Lost Property


By WSIL Reporter

MARION -- The Marion Police Department has a new way to help people recover their stolen property. The department is participating in a nationwide database called "Report It." People can log on and register their items with a serial number, make, model and a picture.

"We will have access to the pictures, to the serial numbers which will ultimately, hopefully, help us recover the items," says Marion Police Chief Dawn Tondini.

Without the serial number, Tondini says it's hard to distinguish your specific item from the rest. Photos also help.

"You can describe to me all day what it looks like, I still don't know what it looks like. So if you have a picture, if you can see it in a pawn shop or online for sale somewhere, then we have that photograph to compare it to," Tondini explains.

After filing a police report on your missing item there are other places you can check, if you have a record of the product's information.

Barry Cupp, general manager at Midwest Cash, says they check the serial number of every item that comes through the store.

"Then I would say come here because after that we've got some forms that can help guide you through the process. We can make copies of those forms that you can take to other places that buy and sell new items."

If they don't have your item, Cupp says they'll keep an eye out for it. They work with the police departments to see if the serial number on any item that comes into the store has been reported stolen.

"And if we catch them on the loan counter, and the police are right there, and they love it when they can catch them with the item," says Cupp.

"If you catch someone with your stolen property, you can at least charge them with possession of stolen property and hopefully with your burglary, theft, whatever it was," Tondini says.

To register your items, click here.

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