Crime Tracker: SIU Newspaper Delivery Truck Stolen and Destroyed


By Sam Jones
By Jared Roberts

JACKSON COUNTY — It was supposed to be a typical night delivering SIU's student newspaper, the Daily Egyptian, but one of the trucks was commandeered.

In the blink of an eye, Alex Edgar's newspaper route took an unexpected turn.

“As a part of my job, I sometimes have to get out to put the papers inside… as I walked into the gas station someone took my truck and sped away with it,” he said.

The SIU student has delivered papers for the DE since April. About halfway through his work Wednesday night, police say Bernard Adams hopped behind the wheel.

“He could've been waiting, or he could've been just spur of the moment that they just took it,” added Edgar.

Officers found Adams in Marion about an hour later, and chased him back to Carbondale. In the process, investigators say he sideswiped two patrol cars, before destroying the DE delivery truck, and running from police.

“The truck was full of papers, what're ya gonna do? Why would you take that vehicle in particular?” Edgar wondered.

Carbondale police think Adams stole another car from the same gas station that night. He drove it to the 400 block of James and Thelma Walker Street and crashed it. He was arrested just a few hours later.

DE circulation manager Chris Dorris found the irony in this crime.

“Especially when you think of trying to escape in this truck; it only goes like 45 mph you know, successfully,” he explained.

The paper rents their vehicles from SIU, so they're hoping for a newer truck this time around. Edgar probably won't leave the car running on his next route.

No one was hurt in the pursuit or arrest. Adams is in the Jackson County jail.

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