Crime Tracker: Burglar Armed and on the Run


By Sam Jones
By Andy Shofstall

WILLIAMSON COUNTY-- Herrin investigators hope the public can help them track down the man wanted in a series of home break-ins.

Jarrid Harris is believed to be hiding somewhere in Southern Illinois. Police say he's is a repeat offender, with little to lose. There's a nationwide warrant out for his arrest, but they need help to get Harris in custody.

The 20-year-old is a suspect in up to 10 burglaries at homes all across Herrin.

"It's been reported that he has used weapons in the past on people. He is a dangerous individual, and we'd like to get him off the streets," Detective Sean Mocaby told News 3..

Police say Harris has moved between Herrin and Murphysboro lately, and he's likely armed with a stolen gun.

He's a person of interest in the burglary of Bob Jenning's home on North 20th St.

"[My] bedroom was ransacked, drawers were all pulled out of all the dressers, guns were missing," explained Jennings.

Jennings didn't want to show his face on camera. The former cop is used to investigations, but the tables turned when his back door was kicked in and home ransacked 

"They weren't here long. It was somebody that has either been in my house, or has heard my grandson bragging, because the one shotgun they took I had just got Saturday," he added.

We also spoke with Marie, another victim, concerned about revealing her identity in the midst of these crimes.

"A lot of people feel safe in their homes and their beds and their own bedrooms. I was completely violated by someone faceless," admitted Marie.

It's difficult for Mocaby to find Harris when people don't come forward. Many of them are scared.

"I wish that he would just turn himself in because he can't run forever," Mocaby added.

That's why Mocaby's hoping for anonymous tips. He's lookingn for any details that could get Harris behind bars before he strikes again.

"He's breaking into peoples homes and he's armed with a weapon and we don't want anybody to get hurt," advised Mocaby.

If you see Harris, you're warned not to approach him. Call police and keep your distance. He faces charges for burglary, battery, and criminal damage to property.

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