Cooler Temperatures Affect Area Pools


By Amy Fox
By Randy Livingston

MARION--  Many of us have been soaking up this cooler than usual summer.  But,  there's a slump in summertime activities that depend on hot weather.

July is typically the warmest month of the year.  The average high is usually around 90 degrees.  This year, it's about 84.  Local swimming pools are trying to splash back as they float toward August.

Lifeguards at the Marion pool, don't know what to expect when the get to work these days.

"July we've had such odd weather; and it's been cooler, and we have had some days where like today,  we close," said co-manager Christy Underwood.

In June, 200-300 people visited the Marion pool each day.  But, with cooler temperatures this month, fewer people have been taking a dip.

"The most disappointing part of it is that like today, we had one person show up, one little boy who wanted to swim, but we had to tell him you can't because we're closing," said Underwood.

If the pool doesn't have at least 15 paid swimmers after 30 minutes, it will close. It's a waiting game for the lifeguards.

"We have lifeguards that live 15-30 minutes away. You know, they drive in and they're ready for their shift and ready to go," said Underwoodm  "And, then, we have weather like today, and we just have to kind of wait around."

As the pool sits empty and the lifeguards are sent home, Underwood tries to take it one day at a time.

"Two days ago, it was blazing hot and we had a full swimming pool. And today, we are shut down from 1-4p.m. because of rain.  But, this weekend, it's supposed to be warmer again, so by Friday, we could have a full pool again right back to where we were," she explained.

The Marion Pool closes for the season on Aug. 10.






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