Cold Causing Loud "Bumps" in the Night


By Nick Hausen

WILLIAMSON CO. -- This winter's bitterly cold weather has led to some uncommon experiences for many in southern Illinois. Residents have seen busted pipes, rumblings from frost quakes, and loud pops and booms from the attic or exterior walls of your home.

"Your house is not haunted, so no you don't have to move," Harlan Holt with Southside Lumber joked. "It's just the extreme cold. Heat expansion and contraction. What you're hearing is your decking and your sheetings."

It happens in almost every home, but it's been far more common this year, especially in newer homes.

"A new home, as it's built will settle," explained Holt. "It takes some time for it to settle. What you're seeing is just the extreme cold and it's causing everything to shrink down more so that it has been."

While the noises can be loud enough to wake you up at night, Holt says the expansion and contraction doesn't cause damage to your home, and eventually, will go away.

"Not really a whole lot you can do about it," said Holt. "It's just one of those things that's going to happen. Warmer weather is going to come and you're going to hear it, and then it's going to disappear."

Southside Lumber says the cold has prompted a lot of calls about windows sweating, but that doesn't mean they're damaged. They're actually designed that way to help insulate against the cold.

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