Carterville Students Wrap Up Spirit of Giving Week


By Nick Hausen

CARTERVILLE -- Students and teachers at Carterville Intermediate held an assembly for a special cause Friday afternoon. It was part of Spirit of Giving Week in which students raised money for the Herrin House of Hope.

On Friday, the amount they raised was revealed, a grand total of $3,031.19. The winning class got to throw a pie in their teacher's face.

"It gives an incredible feeling to know that you have a sense of responsibility," said 6th grader Madelyn Shepard.

"I think it's just amazing that the kids took so much pride in helping an organization that was in need," explained Carterville teacher Lindsey Dersh.

"I assure you it will be very beneficial," said John Steve with Herrin House of Hope. "It's a hot meal that will be feeding the community every single day."

In addition to raising money, sixth graders from Carterville Intermediate will volunteer next week at the Herrin House of Hope.

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