Carterville Kids Fall Through Ice

Witness: " They were pretty much in the middle of the lake"


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UPDATE 1:25 P.M. MONDAY, JAN. 20, 2014

CARTERVILLE --  Williamson County Coroner Mike Burke confirms the name of the 12-year-old boy who died Sunday is Justin Johnson-Stewart of Carterville.

Burke says Johnson-Stewart was pronounced dead at 6:16 p.m. Sunday at Herrin Hospital.

UPDATE 11:00 P.M. SUNDAY, JAN. 19, 2014

CARTERVILLE -- A 12-year-old Carterville boy is dead after falling through the ice in a residential area off of Arbor Drive in Carterville.

"I was in the back bedroom changing clothes and I heard the boys screaming," says Carterville resident Jack Brown. "I saw the two boys in the water and I ran out the back door and asked if they needed help."

Two unidentified boys fell through the icy pond behind Brown's home just before 5 p.m. Sunday evening. 

"I told them to hang on and went to the garage and got a 100 foot extension cord," Brown explains.

Despite the quick thinking, by the time he came back he could only see one of them.

"I got to the edge, he told me, 'My buddy went under.'". 

Brown says it took him nearly 20 minutes just to reach the boy he could see.

Despite their efforts, only one of the boys made it out of the pond okay. Brown says it took rescue crews another 20 minutes to get through the ice to find the other boy.
"All I saw was them in the ambulance, working on him and trying to revive him," says Brown.

Both boys were both taken to Herrin Hospital. Brown described the condition of the rescued boy as not serious and better than expected. He says he believes the two youths were ice fishing when the accident happened.

"I wish that there was someway I would have been able to get to them quicker,  so that we could have saved them both," says Brown. "I don't know really what else could have been done."

The pond has been iced over for several weeks, but it's nearly 40 feet deep in the middle, which is where the boys fell through.  

There is no update on the rescued boy's condition and New 3 is still waiting on the names to be released.  


UPDATE 8:05 P.M. SUNDAY, JAN. 19, 2014

Williamson County Coroner Mike Burke says a 12-year-old Carterville boy did pass away Sunday night in the pond rescue attempt. 


UPDATE 7:38 P.M. SUNDAY, JAN. 19, 2014

CARTERVILLE --  We spoke to Carterville resident Jack Brown, who attempted to rescue the two kids that fell under ice on a Carterville pond.

"I saw the two boys in the water.  I ran out the backdoor and asked them if they needed help and they said yes," Brown told News 3.  "I just basically told them to hang on -- I went to the front garage and got a hundred foot extension cord and I went up the hill to the side as close as I could get to them... they were pretty much in the middle of the lake, I started trying to throw out to them and the cord wasn't long enough."

We'll have more on this story at News 3 at 10.

Carterville fire tell us both kids were taken to Herrin hospital. No word on their conditions.



CARTERVILLE -- Carterville authorities are responding to a cold water rescue involving at least two kids. It's happening off of North Division and Arbor streets. Police are not releasing any details at the moment.

Stay with News 3 as we follow the developing story.


Below are first pictures from the scene.




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