Carbondale Students Partake in City-Wide Drinking Game


By Loreto Cruz III

CARBONDALE -- If you were in Carbondale on Saturday, chances are you caught a glimpse of a crazy scene riding through the streets: Tour de Carbondale.

Hundreds of college students took over the city as they traveled from house party to house party around town. 

Michael Fleming was one of the students roaming the streets, "We started [Friday] night, then took a power nap, and were up about 8:30 A.M. We started drinking again, getting ready to go."

He says his group planned to stay with the crowd well into Saturday night.

At every stop,  the students are challenged to drink a certain amount of alcohol. Extra police were on-hand. Officers say the danger will increase as the day goes on and crowd consumes more alcohol.

Lieutenant  Paul Edwards says his officers were out making sure the event didn't cross the line. They were citing people for having open alcohol on public walkways, blocking traffic, and drinking underage.
Edwards says, "When you're intoxicated and riding a bicycle, bad and silly things can happen. We'll write any tickets or make any arrests necessary."
He says the tour is typically less rowdy than other regular events, such as unofficial Halloween.
This  occasional event takes place once or twice a year, depending on when hosts are available.
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