Carbondale District Reviewing Safety Plans After Shooting Near School


By Stephanie Tyrpak
By Jared Roberts

CARBONDALE -- The Carbondale Community High School District is reviewing safety plans after a shooting near one of its campuses Monday.

Carbondale Police say a parent was shot and injured during a fight near Rebound, an alternative school on Oakland Avenue.

A 17-year-old student was taken into custody after the shooting, but police continue to search for 18-year-old Omari Tinsley.

Tinsley is wanted for attempted first degree murder, aggravated battery with a firearm, and aggravated discharge of a firearm.

The Carbondale Community High School District learned of the shooting near Rebound at noon on Monday.

"We were contacted by Carbondale Police Department," said Superintendent Stephen Murphy. "They were responding to a shots fired on Oakland Avenue."

Murphy didn't know at that time if students were involved, and the reported location wasn't technically on school property. However, both the alternative campus and the main high school campus went into a soft lockdown for about an hour.

"Locking the outside doors, and having people monitor those outside doors, and then students could not be in the hallways," said Murphy.

Murphy waited to get information from police. That afternoon he posted a letter about the crime on the district website.

On Tuesday morning, school continued as planned. Murphy says there was an extra officer at Rebound.

"It's getting back to, you know, business as usual for the students and for the faculty," said Murphy.

When they meet later this week about the safety procedures, one topic of discussion will be Rebound's open campus. Students there are a mix of teens and adults that are allowed to leave for lunch. The shooting happened during that break.

The Boys and Girls Club, located across the block from Rebound, was also gearing up for a normal afternoon. The program welcomes more than 80 kids bussed in from local schools each day.

Executive Director Randy Osborn is looking to tighten security. The building is now locked at all times, and staff will be monitoring the door as kids arrive.

"We hear about it in the news too often, but when it happens right next door, it brings it a little closer to home," said Osborn.

The club didn't open on Monday because the districts decided to send students home for safety reasons. Osborn and his staff plan to talk about the situation and ease any fears.

"Just acknowledge that it's going on," said Osborn. "Because the kids all know."

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