Car Off Bluff in Alto Pass


By Matthew Searcy

UPDATED AT 5:28 p.m. 7/10/201 

A hiker discovered that vehicle at the bottom of a bluff early Thursday morning. When the Union County Sheriff's office started investigating, they learned the car has been stolen a few hours before the wreck.

"He discovered a vehicle there that had looked like it had come off the bluff," said Union County Chief Deputy Scott Harvel.  "We dispatched our patrol to that area."

There were no signs of any passengers or driver. Investigators believe it was pushed over the edge just hours after it went missing from a home off of Balcolm Road in Anna 

"We eventually contacted the owner and found out that the vehicle had been reported stolen," explained Harvel.  

A tow truck was called in to remove the vehicle as police dusted for fingerprints and searched for evidence.

"We will take the vehicle in and we use the Illinois State Police crime scene technician," said Harvel. "Fingerprints, DNA, things like that is what we will be looking for inside the vehicle."

Investigators would not comment if any valuable possessions or items were missing from the SUV. This isn't the first time this has happened. In 2007, a vehicle stolen from Carbondale was found at the bottom of the same bluff in Alto Pass.    

Law enforcement says the crash is still under investigation.  

ALTO PASS -- Authorities say a navy blue Yukon XL went over the bluff off of Skyline Drive in Alto Pass. 

Illinois State Police investigators say no driver was present when they arrived on scene this morning. The crash was reported by a hiker who was passing by. No one is believed to be injured or in the vehicle at the time of the crash. 

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