Cache River Nature Festival Draws a Crowd


By WSIL Manager

CYPRESS -- Once the rain cleared up Saturday, there were certainly a lot of people out and about, enjoying what southern Illinois has to offer, especially in Cypress. That's where the 13th annual Cache River Nature Fest was going on all day. 

The event featured live animal exhibits, guided bike and canoe tours, and plenty of hands-on activities. Organizers say the event is an important fundraiser for the Cache River Wetlands, but it also helps teaches locals about what's happening in their own back yards.
"We can play a role and try to particularly involve the community and a resource that's here at hand, so that they'll appreciate it and that
their children will appreciate it," explains Charlie Proctor, the Friends of the Cache Director.
There was also a silent auction and a raffle. The money will go to help support conservation efforts in the Cache River wetlands.
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