Busted Water Lines in Zeigler Spill Thousands of Gallons


By Matthew Searcy

ZEIGLER -- Frigid temperatures have frozen and ruptured water lines in empty buildings in Zeigler.

Broken pipes were spotted at a foreclosed business last month but only after hundreds of thousands of gallons of water were lost.   
"We spilled about 578,000 gallons," said Zeigler water commissioner Richard McReaken. "By Sunday you could see the water running. That was the first indication and by Monday morning we shut it off."
No winterization precautions were taken by a Marion bank that has possession of the property.When sub-zero temperatures happened, the pipes burst, destroying the interior.    
"Ceiling tiles, floor tiles, there was a lot of damage," explained McReaken. 
The city of Marion was faced with a  similar problem last month and just two weeks ago Zeigler officials discovered the second and separate busted pipe at the former ABC Day Care. It is estimated over 200,000 gallons was lost in this incident.
Both buildings are no longer receiving water service and both remain foreclosed. City workers say little could have been done to avoid the problem.  
"It's their piping," said McReaken. "It was inside the building and it froze and busted." 
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