Amish Business Burns in Ava


By WSIL Manager

AVA -- Towering flames destroyed the livelihood of a local Amish family early Saturday morning. The owner estimates the loss well over $400,000. Rubble is all that remains of a sizeable Ava warehouse in that used to house the Amish business "Kuntry Kettle". It produced apple butters and jams.      

Neighbor Ray Hunter said he woke up around 3 o'clock in the morning to the sounds of the fire trucks arriving on scene. He immediately ran outside to help remove what he could from the building before it collapsed, but it wasn't long before fire officials declared it a total loss.
"So we tried to do the eves and by the time we got to the eves and started spraying water on them, it was already collapsing on us. At that point, we pulled everybody out to protect ourselves, you know. And we tried to contain it the best we could," explains Campbell Hill firefighter Dustin Vanover.
Friends and neighbors were on scene Saturday morning, cleaning up remains. Hunter, who is a close friend of the owner, expects reconstruction to begin very soon.
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