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Closings and Cancellations for Friday, March 6

WSIL -- Here is a list of weather-related closings, cancellations, and delays for Friday, March 6, 2015. Read more »

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Bipartisan Group Pushing for Reopening of Tamms Supermax Prison

CARTERVILLE -- Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) filed a resolution in the Illinois House Wednesday afternoon in an effort to get the Tamms Supermax Prison back on the agenda in Springfield. Read More »

Work Crews Deal With Winter Storm Aftermath

MARION -- The end of the snow and ice brought the beginning of the cleanup from what we hope to call the last blast of winter. Read More »

Schools Reach Snow Day Limit

MURPHYSBORO -- The recent winter storms are beginning to take their toll on schools throughout Southern Illinois. Several school districts are now running out of snow days. Read More »

String of Robberies on Carbondale Delivery People

CARBONDALE -- Delivering food for for a living is an occupation that can invite more dangers than you may think. Read More »

Weather Causes Trouble for Hardin County Sectional

HARDIN CO. -- Snow and ice not only caused problems in the classroom. They brought cancellations, delays and constant rescheduling of important basketball playoff games. Read More »

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