Class Act: Protection of All Animals


By Brandon Merano

VIENNA --  Keeping a child focused can be challenging.

"A lot of times children have great ideas, their attention span is often short, sometimes it fizzles out, but still a great idea. This never fizzled out," said sixth grade teacher Lisa Taylor.

In fact, the idea of donating to an animal shelter grew beyond anything the sixth grade class at Vienna Grade School ever saw coming.

"They had become Protection of All Animals or P.O.A.A.  Said that it was run by a very sweet, quiet little girl named Tiffany," explained Donna Hawk of Cache Creek Animal Shelter.

"I just kind of thought that since I like animals that I could start this and help them instead of just liking them," commented Tiffany Racey, organizer of P.O.A.A.

So Tiffany turned to her friend Haven.

"At first Tiffany was starting P.O.A.A and she didn't have enough hands. She came to me and said, 'Haven will you help?' And I said, 'Yeah, Tiff I'll help,'" said Haven.

With her friend by her side, Tiffany and the class began raising money any way they could.

"The kids would come in during recess and buy bracelets that they had made from each other." said Taylor.

The classes fundraising goal was quickly reached and went farther than anyone expected.

"The goal was $100, and I spoke to Mrs. Taylor about a week ago and they had $300," said Hawk.

The class ended up raising over $650 for the Cache Creek Animal Shelter and after crunching the numbers, Tiffany and her class set a goal for other schools.

"We figured out that if McCracken County, Johnson County and Union Çounty, that if every kid in every school raised $25, that we could keep a shelter open for one year" explained Tiffany.

Mrs. Taylor couldn't be more proud of what her class accomplished at such a young age.

"When the children leave me, I hope they continue to do the right thing and continue to make a difference, because they can," said Taylor. 

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