Class Act: Unity Point


By Brandon Merano

JACKSON COUNTY --  Earth Day has come and gone, but don't tell that to the fourth graders at Unity Point Elementary.

"We have a club where we help the environment by planting plants and picking up trash," said Regan Roberts.

From digging in the dirt to recycling bottle caps, students at Unity Point Elementary do it all to help planet Earth. Fourth grade teacher Melanie Spears says the kids come up with most of the ideas all on their own. 

"I just supervise, they are the heart of the environmental club. They are the ones that get out there and have the ideas," explained Spears.
They use their recess time to do all of their activities, but that's just the beginning. The kids are also raising money to help an endangered species.
"At the beginning of each year, the group I share with them some of the endangered species and they actually vote on an animal. This year it was the Amur Leopard," commented Spears.
With less than 30 of these animals remaining in the world, the class thought  the leopard was the right choice this year.
"We've raised a thousand dollars by doing bake sales and selling bracelets that we've made," said Regan.
But their goal is a bit higher than that.
"We do have an idea we have about $500 left that we would like to raise. So we are thinking about maybe having a car wash and maybe selling some lemonade there," said Spears.
That car wash is currently planned for the end of May. The class also plans to continue helping the environment over their summer break.
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