Class Act: Mrs. Folden's Civics Class


By Brandon Merano

"If you do nothing, you change nothing."

Those words can be found on the wall of Katie Folden's classroom at Hamilton County High School.

Many of her students say it's more than just wall art. Most of them voted in last year's primary election, in large part because of her creative teaching and push to get students to the polls.

"She goes above and beyond what is expected of her really. She tries to get us involved in the community and things like that and she just does a good job," said Tucker.

"I really started concentrating on voting, their rights as 18-year-olds and getting out into the real world," said Folden.

Even though many students say the subject is boring, senior Sabrina Tucker says that Mrs. Folden makes it worth while.

"It is boring but I try to really relate it to how it's going to affect their lives," commented Folden.

Part of that is using her free time to connect with her students outside of the classroom.

"I have a Facebook page that I try to maintain, and I'm not very good with technology. Before the constitution test and all the snow days I put the entire study guide on Facebook," said Folden.

"She offers extra credit through this Facebook page and that helps me with the papers I've missed. It reminds us whenever stuff is due and things like that," said Sabrina.

Mrs. Folden says for her, it all comes down to the students.

"I think that they know that I love what I do and that I respect them and care about them. I want to see them succeed. I wouldn't do anything different," said Folden.

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