Class Act: Johnston City Students Give Thanks


By Kevin Hunsperger

JOHNSTON CITY -- Many people tend to give during the holiday season, that's the case in Johnston City. Students at Washington Elementary are helping to provide for the community's Thanksgiving meal.

It's a practical math lesson in Kristen Zimmer's 5th grade class. Students are figuring out just how many people their donation will help this Thanksgiving.

"We are having a community-wide Thanksgiving dinner through the Methodist Church and they were short donations for meat, so my kids wanted to bring money so they could donate some turkeys for the Thanksgiving dinner here in town," said Zimmer.

Students are turing to family and friends, collecting loose coins and bills of all denominations. They're finding out every little bit adds up quick.

"My dad came by last night, and I got money from him. I  donated $20. You can get money from anyone," said 5th grader James Feezor.

While the math lesson is important, Zimmer hopes her students are picking up much more.

"We are very blessed in our community. People want to help out the students. We want to give back, and I want to show them even a little makes such a huge impact and will bless so many."

Students are getting that message.

"It's a good thing to do and you're doing the right thing to give," said 5th grader Mia South.

James added, "I think it's such a good program because people don't get to sit down and enjoy the turkey and all the stuff we have at our turkey dinner."

The student council at Washington is also holding a food drive. Donations will go to the Manna Mission Food Pantry.

"Some people don't get to sit down and feel what it's like to eat a Thanksgiving dinner," said South.

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