Class Act: Field Grade School


By Brandon Merano

JEFFERSON CO. -- Fourth graders at Field Grade School in Texico are reaching out to help a classmate.

"He always comes in smiling, ask him to do anything and he will help. He is very helpful with all the kids and friends with everybody," said 4th grade teacher Chelsie George of Rylan Ashby.

Rylan enjoys what almost any other nine-year-old boy enjoys doing. "Golf, swimming, riding my bike and playing outside."

But Rylan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in early March and had to leave school. So the school and community started raising money.

"We started by coming up with these t-shirts and selling them throughout the community," said George

Rylan came back to school for the first time last week to a surprise birthday greeting from his classmates.

"This is a good thing for him to come back today and be around the kids again. He misses that," said Rylan's grandfather John Ashby.

The school has changed their motto to "Fighting for Rylan," and George says that it's a perfect fit for his personality.

"Thinking back to when I was nine or ten, I couldn't even imagine going through that. He has definitely pushed through and stayed really strong. We just keep fighting for him."

"This school and this community is family. They pull together when there is a need and have always supported folks in need. And they've just done this and we have been very blessed," said John Ashby.

After all the support from his school and community, Rylan had only one word to describe how he felt - "Important"
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