Class Act: Benton High School Begins "Flip Teaching"


By Evie Allen

BENTON - Math is becoming easier for students at Benton High School.That's because one teacher has introduced them to a method called "Flip Teaching".

This model allows calculus teacher Ashley Launius to record lessons in advance. Students can then go over lessons at home or at school on their computers.

"I want students to be able to do the homework correctly and learn from the material. So if they're going to go home and do homework and not know how to complete the homework, then it's kind of pointless. They're not learning from it," says Launius.

Because students are learning at home, they go over the lessons and get guided practice in class - hence the "Flip".

"It kind of seemed a little overwhelming because you're kind of used to the whole teacher teaches you in class, you go home, do homework, come back in the next day and check it kind of set up," says senior Ethan Hughes.

"We're gaining time in this class because we get to ask her questions that we want to know. Not just her teaching us the lesson and then not having as much time," explains senior Gavin Suver.

Launius says this is a nice way for her to get feed back on what her students are struggling with. Students say they appreciate anything that will help come test day.

"I like that we learn the lesson at home because then we're doing problems with her, and what we're doing on the test is doing the problems, so that's what we need to feel secure in," explains senior Kayla Erwin.

"I like being able to pause, write down my notes, and then I can start it and follow along and listen to what she says and not worry about what I'm writing," says senior Cassidy Neal.

This is the first year Benton High School has used this method. Launius hopes other teachers will try the "Flip" model.
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