Class Act: Legence Bank University


By Evie Allen

ELDORADO - A local bank is taking financial education to a younger audience. Legence Bank stopped by Eldorado Elementary School to help students learn the value of a dollar.

"Education is so vital and a financial education, especially in today's economy, can really benefit anyone of any age," said Legence Bank Marketing Assistant Arla Wasson.

Wasson said the bank wanted a program that gives kids the opportunity to learn the importance of being responsible with money.

"This is how we help them learn what a savings account truly is and not really necessarily the account aspect. It's just the prospect of saving in general," said Wassson.

The bank provided work packets to help students write, add, and solve problems.

"Sometimes they get confused that money is just in Ms. Jacquie's room, and with the bank being here, it gives them a real life situation," said kindergarten teacher Jacquie Langley.

Bank representatives took Lucky the Legence Bank Star into each classroom hoping to provide a fun way for students to learn.

"It helps the children remember that we were here, and it helps them remember to save, and then teachers can use them as a tool," said Wasson.

"I like that the bank talks about that and gives us a bank so that as a classroom we can save a little money just for something special," said Langley.

Legence Bank has five branches throughout southern Illinois and southern Indiana. The program is offered to kindergarten through high school students in Eldorado, Harrisburg, Galatia, and Gallatin County schools.
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