SIU Crime Rate Down


By Sam Jones
By Andy Shofstall

CARBONDALE -- Just last year, SIU was named one of America's most dangerous schools, based on its rate of violent and property crimes. This year, police say they are seeing less crime on campus, as they step up safety initiatives.

"[We've been] adding cameras to areas that need to receive that, emergency call boxes, lighting," said Chief Todd Sigler.

The additions are expected to help keep crime down, even as the numbers are already on the decline.

Sigler attributes part of the drop to student behavior.

"People have more awareness," Sigler said, "Not making themselves out late at night, not getting yourself in situation that could be compromising."

SIU students have mixed reactions about campus safety.

"I've never felt threatened, never had anyone haggle me, all around good campus," student Matt Frownfelter said.

But student Joe Elias had a different take.

"Could have more personnel walking around later night classes, hardly see any people after night," argued Elias.
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