Morris Library Presents New Work on Top Two Floors


By Evie Allen
By Benjy Jeffords

CARBONDALE -- SIU's library is showing off its newest learning facilities. The university held a grand opening Thursday for Morris Library's top two floors.

Students started using the 6th floor in the fall. And the 7th opened just this week.

The floors have classrooms where teachers can write on the walls. The wall is made of glass to allow teachers and students a chance to display anything they want. It's just one of the new features at SIU's expanded Morris Library

"They get all the benefits of the library but with encouragement of all their academic endeavors," says library Dean Anne Moore.

The 6th and 7th floors are complete from year long renovations. Moore says the two floors are designed to harness the latest technology.

"It's about providing the academic support services that students need to succeed in their studies," says Moore.

The sixth floor is known as Math Central. But there's no more sketching out equations with paper and pencil.

"Other than the study guide that we bought for class. I have not used any other paper," says junior Anthony Woods.

Woods now has a one-stop destination for math instruction, tutoring and support services.

The seventh floor is known as the Center For Learning Support Services. It offers tutoring and testing along with more group work space. Both floors offer tables where students can plug in any personal device and have it displayed on a monitor.

The library started renovations on the entire building back in 2003. The goal was to offer students more than just standard academic materials. Many of which are now available online. And students like Woods say they see themselves using the library a whole lot more.

"I'll be here again for the Fall and then next Spring," says Woods.

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