Class Act: Vienna High School Creates a Newspaper


By Evie Allen

VIENNA - Some Johnson County high school students are learning how to create a newspaper.

"The Talon" has been a part of Vienna High School for almost two decades. Organizers say the classes help students learn responsibility, organizational skills, and improve writing.

"Our purpose is to highlight student achievement at Vienna High school," said newspaper sponsor Joan Clayton.

The paper features everything from sports to entertainment to the homecoming candidates.

"I like it. I enjoy it, and it's fun. Also, the people around here, the people who work in this, they're a lot of fun as well," said senior Anthony Bible.

Two classes help create The Talon: journalism and desktop publishing.

"We have a great group of kids, and they really step up and they work hard to make the Talon good. They also work hard to make it relevant and interesting to the other students in the school," explained Clayton.

Students are allowed to be creative with ideas. Bible is currently working on adding an advice column.

"I enjoy helping people so that was my main drive for it," he said.

Editor in Chief Savannah Campbell said, at first, she was hesitant to take the class.

"I was like, oh no, it's not going to be that fun, it's going be boring or it's not going help you learn that much," she said, "But taking it, it's actually a really fun class."

Another benefit for journalism students is that it's a part of the schools dual credit program, allowing them to earn up to six college credit hours.

"We have a lot of college bound students that are very motivated, and they see the opportunities here at Vienna High School to get those college credits," said Clayton.

The Homecoming issue of The Talon is scheduled to come out Dec. 7.
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