Class Act: Trico Elementary Veterans Assembly


By Evie Allen

CAMPBELL HILL - Pride was the emotion for students, staff and veterans at Trico Elementary school during a special assembly to honor our nation's veterans.

Marine veteran Allan Buescher watched with pride as the children sang songs, performed a skit and took pictures with all the vets.

"It's very meaningful to be able to come here and watch the young children and etcetera grow-up and start to appreciate what the United States flag and the military is all about, said Buescher."

Principal Jenny Wilson says programs that honor the nations soldiers give students hope for their future.

"Some students don't have that hope, so they can see there is life after school. And it gets them thinking about what they want to do," said Wilson.

Each year a guest speaker is invited to share with the students the importance of serving our country.

"If that gives them any ounce of courage or any kind of motivation then that's what I would like them to take away from it," said Wilson.

Wilson says she hopes her students learn what hard work can achieve and what it takes to make the ultimate sacrifice.

"It feels good because you know that you have somebody there to protect you. And you know that they're right beside you," said fith grade student Michael Rathert.

But pride isn't the only emotion these students will take away from today's ceremony. They're also very grateful.

"I think it's really meaningful. Especially to the ones that probably served in Vietnam War. We feel really welcome. The ones that serve today, I think America is really behind them," said Beuscher.

This is the 9th year Trico Elementary has held a program to honor veterans. The program will continue next year.

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