Victim of Violent Home Invasion Speaks Out


By Evie Allen
By Randy Livingston

MARION -- A Tuesday night home invasion left two men injured, one in the hospital.

Police responded to the break-in on the 1200 block of Midway Court around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

One of the victims, Perry Rafe says he was at the house staying with friends for a few days. He says it was a normal, peaceful evening when two intruders crept in.

Rafe said his friend, who is in a wheelchair, went to check on a suspicious noise when he was struck in the head with what appeared to be a gun. 

"I reacted and decided to retrieve the gun from the person, we tussled and he shot me once," explains Rafe.

Police later reported the weapon as some type of hammer.

Rafe says two men, wearing all black had entered the house armed with handguns. He said the first shot grazed his head and he continued to tussle with the man not knowing where the other person was.

"I attempted to push the guy out of the window and he shot me and I went out of the window," Rafe added.

He was shot again, this time in the chest. He went to the neighbors across the street for help. The neighbor called police.

He says he was hoping to distract the suspects when another shot was fired. 

 "I just was trying to get them both to focus on me so that my friends would be okay." 

Police arrived quickly but the two suspects had fled the scene. Police Chief Dawn Tondini says they patrolled the area looking for clues. 

She says Midway Court used to be a high crime area.

"The drug task force group made several arrests and that area had actually quieted down quite a bit," she says.

If you have any information about the crime you're asked to call Marion police.

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