Three Harrisburg Tornado Victims Laid to Rest Saturday


By Hilary LeHew
By Andy Shofstall

HARRISBURG - Family, friends, and complete strangers honor three people whose lives were lost in Harrisburg's deadly storm.

Services for Mary Osman, 75, Jaylynn Ferrell, 22 and Lynda Hull, 74 were held Saturday.

After talking to those who knew the three women who were laid to rest, we found out they may have more in common than just the tragic way they died.

"Today, I think, is a day that we are all southern Illinoisans," said Governor Pat Quinn.

The governor was one of hundreds who came from all over the state on Saturday to honor the three women. "I also have been very impressed by all the people who came out to support the Osman family and all the families that have lost someone," said Quinn.

Although Governor Pat Quinn never knew Mary Osman, he will forever be touched by her life story and her devotion to God. "What a special woman with a servant's heart and a smile on her face," he said. "I think all of us can take lessons from her life."

Like Osman, 22-year-old Jaylynn Ferrell will be remembered for her dedication to serving God and helping others.

"She was wonderful, she had a heart of gold," said Jaylynn's friend Danille Kizzar. "She lived her life for Christ and she was a great example to the other girls and people in our school."

And the same goes for 74-year-old Lynda Hull, a woman who was said to have made a difference everywhere she went. "She left behind, many times we call it a legacy, but for her it was a live-acy because she was wanting to live abundantly every day and she truly did," said Pastor David Pinkerton of the First Baptish Church in Raleigh.

Pinkerton explained the fact that the sun is shining over Harrisburg during such a sad time is no coincidence. "I think it's an indication of the warmth that's being shared through the love of the Christian community, from people, one to another, during a very difficult time,"
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