Suspicious Death in Christopher


By WSIL Manager

UPDATE 9:25 P.M. SUNDAY, JAN 19, 2014

CHRISTOPHER -- Police still are not answering many questions about a death Saturday that they're calling suspicious. Franklin County Coroner Marty Leffler confirmed that 40-year-old Scott Maceri is the deceased man Sunday afternoon.

An autopsy was conducted Sunday, but authorities are not releasing the results, pending the investigation.

County State's Attorney Evan Owens says there are currently no arrests made in this case. Funeral arrangements are also still pending at this time.

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UPDATE 9:30 P.M. Jan. 18

CHRISTOPHER -- Illinois State Police is investigating a suspicious death at a Christopher home. Franklin County State's Attorney Evan Owens says the man was discovered at a home on the 400 block of Sylvia Street in Christopher. 

Family members tell us he is 40-year-old Ronald "Scott" Maceri and they are looking for answers. Maceri's sister, Towana Young of Zeigler, says Franklin County Corner Marty Leffler confirmed to family members it was him.

"He was a good brother and a good son. He loved his mother very much. We loved him. He was good-hearted, a very good-hearted guy," says Young.

Maceri's mother Naomi Ann Maceri says she last spoke to her son Friday, just after dark. But neither she nor Towana ever thought they wouldn't see him again.

Police have not released much information as to the cause of death. Young says the family is in total shock and want answers.

"I just want and wish this hadn't happened. And there needs to be justice over it, because no one deserves to go like that," says Young.

It's too early for funeral arrangements, but family is taking donations to help pay burial costs. And as they sit and wait for answers, Young prefers to remember the good times she had with her baby brother.

"We had a lot of good times when were were kids. We played in the dirt and got dirty and rode our bicycles," she remembers.

The State's Attorney says Maceri had a dangerous level of alcohol concentration in his body at the time of death. The Christopher Police Chief says there was no shooting or stabbing involved. An autopsy is scheduled for Sunday.


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